It’s an honor to serve as your Senator and champion policies that put people first. In Olympia, I’ve supported essential investments in jobs, transportation, housing, and mental health while maintaining reserves and cutting property taxes—an immediate relief for families. Committed to our local values, I also fought to make important progress on responsible gun reform, pass a student loan bill of rights, and finally end conversion therapy in Washington State.

The Economy, Jobs & Transportation

It’s critically important we address issues facing Washington families, saving for college and retirement, and healthcare, housing and childcare affordability. As a member of the Transportation Committee, I helped pass one of the largest transportation packages in our state’s history; this will help bring good jobs and reliable transportation to our district and county. It is critical that we connect residents of the 21st to a variety of transportation options and good paying jobs. As a member of the Higher Education and Workforce Development Committee, I will continue to fight for job training and employment opportunities that set young people up for success and financial stability.


We’ve made great progress in fulfilling the needs of teachers and students over the last few years, and have massively increased funding for our K-12 public schools – but we have a lot further to go. Without quality education, we have nothing, and I want to ensure that our schools are not constantly on the budgetary chopping block. We must work harder to increase the quality of our education system, and also give specific attention to funding for programs like special education and student transportation.


A safe, healthy, affordable home for everyone in Washington should be a right for all, not a privilege  granted just for some. As a city councilmember and state lawmaker, I have been a consistent, determined voice for middle class families just like the one I grew up in. As a Senator, it’s been my honor to promote legislation that expands and ensures affordable housing opportunities — like when I co-sponsored SB 5182 to authorize a city and county property tax exemption program that preserves affordable housing (which meets health and quality standards) for very low-income households at the risk of displacement who can’t afford market-rate housing.

As the Floor Leader, I will continue to urge my colleagues to join me in fighting for a greater investment in the Housing Trust Fund. As our communities face a crippling and widespread housing crisis, we must invest in smart solutions–like the Housing Trust Fund–that support our most vulnerable and marginalized populations.

Gun Violence Prevention:

This year, Washingtonians will be able to vote for a common-sense way to make our state safer; Initiative 1639 would raise the age to purchase a semi-automatic assault rifle to 21, and make sure that people who want to purchase these  weapons have gone through the same kind of background checks already required for handgun buyers. It’s a comprehensive measure to keep schools and our communities safe. I’m proud to support I-1639.

Additionally, we can and should do more legislatively by passing evidence-based gun violence prevention policies that will make Washington safer and save lives. I support taking additional commonsense steps to prevent gun violence.

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