Why I’m running for Lt. Governor

My story, growing up in a middle class family in a safe neighborhood with great schools and caring teachers, where everything seemed possible if you worked hard, is what I hope for every Washingtonian. My passion for public service was sparked by the people who helped me reach my potential and the community I loved so much that I wanted to give back. Every day I walk into the Capitol building, that foundation is what inspires me to keep going. And that is why I am running for Lt. Governor. The Lt. Governor presides over the State Senate, but also serves as number two in the Executive Branch, all while running a small state agency. As Lt. Governor, I will build on the strong foundation that Lt. Governor Habib has set down expanding opportunities through higher education, international partnerships and progressive leadership in the Senate. This unique combination of responsibilities makes it an ideal role to continue my work building an economy that works for everyone, expanding equitable access to education and opportunity, and ensuring that our state is a model for social justice and inclusion. … Read More

Washington State Wire
Q&A: Sen. Marko Liias makes his case for a progressive Lt. Governorship

Senator Marko Liias has launched a campaign for Lt. Governor based on his progressive bona fides and experience as Majority Floor Leader. He’s earned endorsements from the current occupant of Lt. Governor’s office as well as several of his Senate colleagues – including Joe Nguyen and Emily Randall – for his work moving legislation aimed at protecting vulnerable populations. With the global population at large, and certain subpopulations in particular, more vulnerable now than in any other moment in recent history, I reached out to Liias to ask what the prioritization of a progressive Lt. Governor should look like in the years ahead. … Read More